About the Marina

Fidalgo Marina was designed 1991 -1992 and developed in 1993 by Development Ventures Inc., Bellevue, WA. The Marina was constructed by Bellingham Marine Industries, Inc. using their patented concrete modular float system.

DNR and City of Anacortes

The City of Anacortes (“City”) leases the Harbor Area from the State of Washington Department of Natural Resources (“DNR”), the City then sub-leases approximately five acres to the Association. The Association and the City of Anacortes renewed the DNR master lease agreement to January 2034.

DNR Lease

City Sub-lease

Recorded by Skagit County Auditor’s Office as document #201704260024 26 Dated April 26, 2017.

Resale Certificate

Each Unit sale and associated slip sub-lease in WA requires a completed Resale Certificate submitted to the escrow agent and on to the Buyer. The FMOA Declaration allows up to 60 days for Board approval of a proposed Buyer. Please contact the FMOA Secretary promptly if you plan to sell your Unit/Slip.

FMOA Resale Certificate

Governing Documents

Fidalgo Marina Owners Association (FMOA) governing documents, rules, and informational documents.


Declaration Exhibits


Rules & Regulations

Marina Insurance Requirements FMOA requires each Owner or Renter to provide proof of a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance with Fidalgo Marina Owners Association, Inc. named as additional insured. In addition to liability insurance, each Owner or Renter must carry insurance for the then current USCG pollution requirement.